Sotto Luce Milestones

2005 – The brand's founders develop proper glass blowing moulds and create the first prototypes of the Awa, Itteki, Momo, Myoo, Tama and Ume luminaires.

2006 – The Momo pendant light becomes a Distinguished Product of the Prodeco Product Design competition launched by Elle Decoration.

2007 – The Sotto Luce brand is born and becomes the first 100% customisable lighting collection.

2008 – The Awa and Myoo pendant lights become Distinguished Products of the Prodeco Product Design competition launched by Elle Decoration.

2009 – The Momo Design product line is developed using a technique of metal leafing of the glass shades.

2010 – After the brand's participation in the Light + Building fair in Frankfurt, the biggest DIY chain in Poland orders four series of counterfeits of our best-selling  luminaires, Awa and Momo, from a company in China, and then starts selling them under its own brand name in all its stores in Poland. This almost kills the Sotto Luce brand.

2011 – In order to save and differentiate the Sotto Luce brand, its founders publish the first complete general catalogue, including a product configuration guide, and develop the Sotto Luce Individual app for iOS and Android devices.

2012 – The brand struggles to survive. Our attempts to attract new customers and distributors are hindered by the European lighting manufacturers and importers who will not cease in their attempts to counterfeit our products.

2013 – Having overcome major difficulties, Sotto Luce strengthens its market position and begins to expand its international presence, while increasing the number of glass shade finishes and product versions.

2014 – The brand continues its growth and the Sotto Luce team develop new products to be launched next year.

2015Sotto Luce celebrates its 10-year anniversary, proud of having achieved its sales and product development objectives.