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For more than 17 years now, Sotto Luce branded light fittings have been celebrated all over Europe for their style, geometric proportions and modern look. Although we insist on traditional manufacturing methods to ensure the highest level of product quality, our innovative designs have always remained on the very cutting-edge of home décor trends.
Sotto Luce was probably the first lighting brand to launch a 100% customisable lighting collection. Our customers are able to freely configure their own fittings by combining a variety of glass-shade colours, coloured cables, and metal hardware finishes.

Products Straight From the Makers

Here at Sotto Luce, our philosophy can be summed up in one word: people. We value the skills and craft of our employees and seek to meet the needs and desires of our customers. That is why Sotto Luce is so widely and justifiably renowned for its hand-blown and hand-decorated glass-shades, its hand-made textile and wooden shades, as well as the metal hardware produced on manually operated machines. All Sotto Luce products are made in Europe, and their components are provided exclusively by trusted European suppliers.
Our brand tells a story of what Sotto Luce products stand for, who made them and where they come from. Aware that customers feed off of quality, we give them something to love and the emails we have been receiving from them through all those years prove that this approach is the right one.

Quality Over Quantity

We do our best to deliver products that go above and beyond consumer expectation and contribute to sustaining communities of talented workers here in Europe. 

Our obsessive attention to detail allows us to deliver an uncompromising level of quality. We think differently about scale by prioritizing careful, gradual growth, lower risk and reduced waste. We want to grow in accordance with demand. Rather than thinking about expansion we focus on sustainability.   

Unique Design

It all started from development of proper glass blowing moulds and creation of the first prototypes of the Awa, Itteki, Momo, Myoo, Tama and Ume luminaires. 



The Momo pendant light becomes a Distinguished Product of the Prodeco Product Design competition launched by Elle Decoration.


Sotto Luce

The Sotto Luce brand is born and becomes the first 100% customisable lighting collection.


Awa and Myoo

The Awa and Myoo pendant lights become Distinguished Products of the Prodeco Product Design competition launched by Elle Decoration.


Genuine Gold

The Momo Design product line is developed with glass shades hand-decorated using traditional glass gilding techniques and genuine 24 karat gold leaf.


First Brazen Plagiarisms

2010 Castorama DIY chain orders in China counterfeits of Awa and Momo and starts selling them under its own brand name in all its stores in Poland.


Sotto Luce Individual

We publish the first Sotto Luce catalogue, including a product configuration guide, and develop the Sotto Luce Individual product configuration app for iOS and Android devices.


Bulb Attack

Creation of the Bulb Attack lighting brand, including minimalist industrial light fittings and several types of decorative LED light bulbs, allows us to reach a broader target market.


Dosei, Tsuki and Tsuri

Sotto Luce continues its growth and introduces new product lines such as Dosei and Tsuki, with satin opal glass shades, as well as Tsuri, with lampshades made of natural wood veneers.


Sotto Luce Elementary

We create the Sotto Luce Elementary website and catalogue to meet the needs of customers looking for original but affordable decorative lighting made in Europe.


Iro and Taiko

New product catalogue is issued including two new families of ceiling lamps, called Iro and Taiko, with lampshades made of parchment paper.



The Sotto Luce and Bulb Attack product ranges get unified under the Sotto Luce brand name and a new Sotto Luce website goes live.

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